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Thursday, December 1, 2005

It doesnít take much to make me decide not to do something I didnít want to do in the first place. I wasnít keen on going out in the rain today, especially after the very loud thunder and the very bright lightning that visited us this morning. Or was visited on us, maybe I should say. The wind was blowing the trees sideways, and my big, drafty house never seemed quite so cozy.

So I was debating indifferently whether to venture out to the post office. I didnít have any urgent outgoing mail, so there was no overriding imperative. I have this thing about mail, though. The one thing I donít like about holidays is that thereís no mail delivery, and Iím a little obsessive about picking up my mail every day.

Not today. Not after Tammy phoned and told me that my street (the one I use to get to the post office) was flooded. She had got through in her SUV, and Iím sure my Saturn would have made it, but I wasnít very interested in proving it. All I wanted was to stay home where it was warm and dry and safe, and it didnít take much to get me to make that choice. It never does, when itís what I really want to do.

1 December 2005

I'll fill the bird feeder as soon as the rain stops dripping off it.

But I did bundle up this afternoon and wade out through the muddy driveway to the road and take the mail out of my box. In this case, the imperative is that the mailbox has a tiny leak, and the longer my mail stays in it, the greater the chance that it will get soaked and become unreadable. And anyway, I survived the ordeal, but by that time the rain had become a little more manageable — big drops, but spaced out better. I didnít even wear a hat.

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I read two articles about the Giants signing Tim Worrell today. One took the attitude that Worrell had come through a difficult time in Philadelphia and returned to his old dominant form in Arizona during the last part of the season. The other assured readers that Worrell was washed up and the Giants were wasting their money. Iím pretty confident in Brian Sabeanís ability to evaluate talent; he doesnít let us down very often, and he definitely wouldnít sign a player for sentimental reasons. Iím glad Worrell is back, but heís not the answer. Neither was Esteban Loiaza, who entertained an offer from the Giants before signing for too much money with the Aís. Matt Morris? Heís been a consistent winner throughout his eight-year career. (Donít break the bank for him, though.)

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