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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Iím not sure what impresses me most, that I got all my wrapping finished last night, or that I got all the wrapped packages to fit into a single box, ready for transport Tuesday morning to the House of Many Children. Itís a huge box, I have to admit, and it might not even fit in my car. I guess I should check that out before Tuesday, in case I have to find another way to get it all down the highway to its destination. How Santa fits all those toys and goodies in his sleigh is a mystery. I could use a little of that magic.

Getting it done was a big deal, but I could feel it today. My legs were sore from being down on the floor for so long. Itís a good thing I didnít have to run a marathon, or even walk one, because I donít know that I would have made it. Most of the work I did today was accomplished sitting in my computer chair, which meant I set the timer for forty minutes at a time, so that my back and neck didnít end up in the same sad shape as my legs.

Iím really happy with the work I got done today, though. Itís so much easier on the weekend, when the phone isnít constantly interrupting. The Boss wonít even be back at his desk until next Thursday, but Iím already ready for him. We have some big decisions to make before the end of the year, and the more good information I can give him, the better those decisions are likely to turn out. We have to know where we stand before we can figure out where weíre going.

20 December 2007

Winter clouds, winter trees.

The best thing I did for myself today was sleep late. I needed it, but I donít always get what I need. One lie-in a week is enough to keep me alive. Two would keep me refreshed. Seven would be paradise, but the rest of the world would have to adjust, and I donít see that happening. I make a lot of concessions for the rest of the world to be able to keep its own schedule. All I ask in return is one or two late mornings a week.

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