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Tuesday, December 6, 2005

The one thing I needed most out of my shopping trip today was the one thing I didnít get. I was in a store where that item was not only on display, but on sale. I took the tag to the cashier, and she told me they were ďout.Ē I was going to point out that they werenít so out that they didnít have one on the floor, but I had seen the one on the floor and didnít want that one. So for my purposes, they were indeed ďout.Ē

The trip wasnít a total loss. The traffic was far less hectic than Iíd feared, for one thing. It wasnít any worse than it is any other time of year. And as I do any time Iím out driving, I got behind the slowest person in town, stuck going five miles an hour below the speed limit. No wonder nobody ever gets anywhere!

But that was my only complaint, really, other than the store being ďoutĒ of the one thing I really wanted. I did find many other things and filled many gaps in my list. Now I have a better handle on what I need to do to get my shopping done. If I can do that in one more trip, Iíll be happy. If I can do it without leaving the house, Iíll be even happier.

6 December 2005

The pile o' junk almost blocking my driveway. (See another view here.)

I have rules about when I can shop. I donít like driving around at night at this time of year, and I donít want to be in the stores on the weekend. That leaves only one time: during working hours. Itís a good thing I have some flexibility there, although not as much as Iíd like. I made my whole trip in an hour and a half today, and managed to spend a tiny fortune. At least it was money well spent, since none of it was on myself.

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I hope Steve Kline, a pitcher the Giants acquired today from the Orioles, enjoys pitching five or six times a week, because on Felipe Alouís staff, thatís what heíll be asked to do. The only reason I can see for the Giants to trade LaTroy Hawkins for Kline is that Kline is left-handed, and they just signed a right-handed setup man in Todd Worrell. Itís too bad they couldnít hang onto Scott Eyre, because heís a lefty who can get anybody out, no matter which side of the plate they hit from. As far as I can see, Kline and Hawkins are about equal in ability, and theyíre the same age, so other than the lefty-righty thing, itís pretty much a wash.

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