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Friday, December 2, 2005

Why does it always seem that on Friday nights Iím still working long past the time when most poor suckers are out living it up on the town? Not that it matters, of course, since Iím not exactly one of your high rollers. But I couldnít seem to stop this afternoon. It was either the momentum that kept me going, or the fear that Iíd never get the momentum back if I stopped.

The other incentive to keep working beyond the norm came in the mail today. Come to think of it, it probably came in the mail yesterday, but since I didnít pick up the mail yesterday I didnít get it until today. Maybe itís just as well, since I didnít have much going for me yesterday. I was probably in a better position today to absorb the fact that Iím going to be audited again in a week and a half.

Okay, now Iím depressed. I see whatís ahead of me, and itís a massive amount of work in too little time. Iíll just have to work a little harder, keep going past the early sunsets. I might even have to get up in the morning for an earlier start. (Nah.)

2 December 2005

Cloudy day.

I canít help wishing the insurance company would pick another time to audit me. December is a busy month, but they do this to me every year. I think they usually give me a little more warning, but I could be wrong. Anyway, Iíll be ready, no matter what it takes. Even if it takes giving up any plans to go out on the town on Friday nights.

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Hey! Itís only two months until the Winter Olympics, and you know what that means. Curling! Lucky Canadians get it all year every year. Me, I have to wait four years and then watch whatever games NBC decides to cover over a two-week span. But itís good to know that the rest of the world has embraced the sport. Maybe that will encourage the U.S. networks to give us more of it. After all, we have dozens of channels devoted to sports coverage; they canít show celebrity poker all the time.

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