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Thursday, December 30, 2004

Okay, thatís two nights in a row with no sleep. First it was ants, which I didnít even discover in my kitchen until 1:30 am. Then last night it was the most spectacular December thunder and lightning storm that has ever knocked me out of bed at 2:30 in the morning. Whatís up for tonight, locusts?

Not only was the lightning bright enough to read by, but the thunder sounded like bombs bursting in air. The noise literally made the roof shake, along with all of us poor souls underneath it. And the sound of the rain battering the house and grounds was a mighty roar as well. Itís not as if we get these kinds of storms on a regular basis around here. This was one to stay up for.

When I walked outside this morning, a branch broken off from one of the birch trees was blocking the walkway near my front door. I had to move it to get to the garage and out for my trip to the post office. I looked around, but that was the worst of the damage. It was slippery on the road, though, and the drainage ditches were full and beyond.

But at least I could get out. Yesterday I even made it to the Big Store for that one item I needed to help me through the day. I used some of my Christmas money to replace the tuner/receiver I burned up in the brownout. Now I can watch DVDs again.

More importantly, I can play CDs while I work. You have no idea how much that helps me get through the day. (But somebody should have told me the traffic is worse the week after Christmas than it was the week before. I might have stayed home.)

29 December 2004

Pile of clouds.

However, I would like to sing (or at least chant) the praises of my Launchcast station, which got me through the few weeks I didnít even have a radio I could play. I can always count on my station to play songs that mean something to me, and the more I like them the more often they play. Thereís nothing like programming your own life.

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Iím not sure why my station almost always plays something by Joni Mitchell first thing when I turn it on. I mean, I gave her the highest rating, but I also gave four stars to about 25 other artists. Why not James Taylor or Van Morrison or Nanci Griffith or Norah Jones? Not that I really have much to complain about here. (Right now itís playing ďBeer For My Horses,Ē by Toby Keith and Willie Nelson.)

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"So when a storm comes blowing through, the way it did yesterday, the weather guessers go nutty. It's like Christmas to them, only with highs and lows and fronts and isobars as their presents."

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