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Thursday, December 23, 2004

As I made my rounds this morning, I was surprised at how busy the post office was two days before Christmas. Maybe people were just there doing regular business. I donít think there were many who were trying to mail holiday packages, at least not if they expected timely delivery. Every piece of mail I expected (from the U.S. Postal Service, anyway) has been late for at least the last two weeks.

The one stop I dreaded the most was the bank-slash-supermarket. It seems to me that people were thinking the way I was, that this was the best day to stock up for holiday items. Iím cooking roast potatoes for the big Saturday dinner, and this was the day I chose to plunder the produce section.

As it turned out, it wasnít bad at all. I had no trouble finding a parking space, and while there were way too many people (and carts) trolling around the aisles of the market, I survived. However. I donít know how anyone can plant a cart in the middle of a narrow aisle and then walk up and down looking at cereal boxes or canned fruit, but thatís exactly what happened in both of those locations. I just waited with a mild scowl on my face.

As far as that goes, what were people doing concentrating so hard on cereal and canned fruit on this of all days? Why werenít they hemming and hawing over hams and yams instead? All I wanted to do was get by to the instant oatmeal that was on sale.

I also had to gas up my car before the big weekend. The station was so deserted that I wondered if possibly the pumps were all out of order. That wouldnít have surprised me, but no, there were only a few pumps not working. I guess the rest of the driving public was just waiting for the verrrrry last minute before filling their tanks. Anyway, it was nice for me.

23 December 2004

The lane.

With all this running around, I was still back home (and working) shortly after noon. And Iím still amazed that I got through it all without having to shout at other drivers or elbow anyone in line at any of my stops. It must be that jolly seasonal spirit burgeoning in my heart. Or maybe Iím just too tired to give a flying sugar plum.

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Maybe next year Iíll get back into card-sending mode. It was fun when I did it a couple of years ago. I didnít send many last year, and none this year. I think next time around Iíll sign up for every card exchange and maybe even offer one of my own. Thatís if next December isnít as wildly radical as this one has been, of course.

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