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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Now that Iíve had a few days to digest whatís happened (urp), I think the person who benefits the most from the breakup is, well, me. Julie moved out on the Boss but is still working for the company. Donít get me wrong; she has the best of all worlds, too. In fact, we congratulated each other today over how much distance weíve been able to put between ourselves and him.

The thing is, sheís not afraid of him. She doesnít need him, either personally or financially, and so she can pretty much call the shots. And sheís on my side, so (and here is the beautiful part) I can complain to her about whatever is on my mind, and she can come up with a way to fix it. Sheís all creative like that, and sort of motivated to tweak the Boss in ways that Iím not equipped to do.

Right now sheís in Texas and heís in Sacramento. Thatís the makings of a successful relationship. I heard from her almost as often as I heard from him today, with slightly different results. Every time I talked to Julie, a problem went away. Every time I talked to the Boss, either an existing problem got bigger or a new one skulked over the horizon and got in my face.

He was gone for a few days, but heís come back with a vengeance. And the best part of all this is that he proudly proclaimed to me yesterday that he had warned everyone else in the company not to burden me with extra work, because he thinks Iím getting burned out. (Heís a little bit right about that.) And then today he managed to come up with countless, endless, pointless little tasks that had to be done.

I guess what he meant was that everyone else should leave me alone so he can burn me out all by himself.

22 December 2004

Stark oaks against a purple twilight.

I was sort of thinking of mentioning to Julie, just as an observation and without any direct intent, that this time last year the Boss gave me a five hundred dollar bonus, and nothing of that nature had been mentioned this year. Iím above asking him for something like that, but Iím not above putting a bug in her ear. She can either say something to him or not, and Iíd be well out of it. That way itíll be a surprise. Either way.

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What I love about Maeve Binchyís novels is that the characters do wonderful things for one another, and yet, because you get to know them so well, you never doubt not only that these characters would make sacrifices to help other people, but that out in the world there must be millions of real people who would do magnificent things for their fellow humans, if only they were given the opportunity.

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