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Friday, December 17, 2004

I hardly know where to start. Maybe itís best not to think or talk about today at all. I wouldnít want to live through it again, although it had its high points. Things didnít start well, though.

In fact, the horror that was today began last night. Some time last night my phone stopped working again. When the phone guy was here last weekend, he hinted that maybe there was more work to be done, and he was right. This time there was a loud drone in the line, but it wasnít a dial tone. I know that because I couldnít dial out, and it turns out that nobody could call in, either, without getting a busy signal.

I donít know when it happened, but I discovered it after midnight. First thing this morning I visited the phone companyís repair web site. They confirmed the problem and let me schedule the work for this afternoon, between 1 pm and 5 pm. That allowed me to get most of my morning errands done. And I already knew that I could use the fax line to make calls. Today I also figured out how to configure it so that I could receive both calls and faxes.

Somehow, in the middle of the afternoon, I discovered that my dial tone was back. I checked the answering machine and found four new messages, the earliest at 1 pm. I assumed that the repair work had been completed, but at 3:50 pm, the company truck pulled into my driveway.

The guy checked out my wiring and then went up on the pole. He called me from the top of the telephone pole and told me that he hoped my phone would keep working, but he was sending his cable guy out to do some outside work over the weekend. I said I hoped it kept working, too. But it didnít.

Around 4:30, the drone was back and the line was useless again. Thatís probably how it will stay until they come out and do the actual work that needs to be done. Their excuse has been that it looked bad, but not bad enough to need immediate repair. I beg to differ. This is not the time of year (or month or week) to be without the phone line.

10 December 2004

Clouds framed by trees.

But I did have good news today, and Iím trying to dwell on that. It seems that I will have help on the kennel end-of-month paperwork (and there is a mountain range of it) after all. The Boss told me Monday that Julie had left him and gone home. Today she resurfaced. She has indeed found a home away from the Boss, but sheís still going to help me with what I need to do to get (and keep) the new business running.

I expected no less of her. Sheís an honorable person and a caring one, and I couldnít believe she would leave us (me) hanging like that. Iím glad I didnít believe it, because that would have made me too much like the Boss himself. Thereís a place I just donít want to go.

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As bad as I usually sleep, last night was worse. The worst. I had all this stuff on my mind, plus the fact that I canít write any checks. Julie helped me with that, too. She called the bank for me and they told her that they had just started using a new printer, and the new printer never got my order. Theyíre going to reorder my checks on a rush basis and overnight them to me Monday, so that Iíll have them Tuesday. If Julie hadnít taken over, Iíd still be wishing and hoping and thinking and praying, and Monday and Tuesday would have come and I would have been stressing and panicking and curling up in a tiny ball and crawling under a rock. I donít deserve all this help Iím getting, but I donít deserve all these critical problems coming up at the same time, either.

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