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Wednesday, December 17, 2003

I must not get out much at night, because this was the first time this year I've seen Christmas lights on any houses. We had a family dinner at Suzanne's celebrating her birthday and Mom's (both this week, but neither today), and I had to drive through a few neighborhoods on my way there.

It reminded me that a lot of people are celebrating the holidays, not just the people I talk to every day. Sometimes I forget the rest of the world and think only about my little corner of it. It's good to know I'm part of something bigger, even if it's only a stress-filled month of shopping and partying. And stringing lights, of course, although I don't do any of that myself.

In fact, the extent of my decorating has been to display the cards I've received. Most are from suppliers and subcontractors and other people we do business with, but a few are from cherished distant friends. I usually have some of my own sent out by this time in December, but the ones I've picked out are still sitting on my desk, waiting for me to get to them. I guess I'd better do that, or save them for next year.

I haven't done any wrapping yet, but I'm waiting until the big brown truck brings the last few items. Then I can make little piles and decide what paper to use and get it all done at once. I like to do all my wrapping at one time so I can keep track of what paper I've used on whose package. And that way I can start with the biggest box and work my way down, so that I'm less likely to run out of paper.

But that's all in the future. Apparently my shipment is stuck somewhere between Oklahoma City and Richmond, California. It has already caused me to miss one birthday deadline, but I improvised. Another day or two and it'll be cause for real anguish. I take these things seriously, and I won't relax until I'm done. And I won't be done until the truck has come and gone.

15 December 2003

We had a spectacular sunset tonight. This is from a night that was just average.

I'm not as stressed as I was, but I was a little wired today. I had coffee this morning with a friend, and by the time I got back to the post office there was no way to get near the place. I had to park three blocks away and walk, which wouldn't be bad except that (a) I was already out of time, and (2) I'd polished off two very large cups of coffee. I think you can see why I walked very fast from my car to the post office and back.

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I left my camera at John and Suzanne's house tonight, but that's okay because I didn't take any pictures there anyway. Either I show up with the camera and don't use it, or I show up without the camera and regret it. Sometimes I think I need a keeper.

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