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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

For a first day back at work, this was a lot like a first day back at work. It was also like those three intense days I put in last week to get ready for my mini-vacation. But I have to admit it was worth it then, and itís worth it now. I can put up with these intense days much more easily after a long weekend at the lake with family and friends.

What bugged me is that I had to track down the work I needed to do. It was double payroll day, and I had to find the responsible employees in each company and ask them to send me the time cards. It was billing day for the kennel, and I had to ask our manager for the information I needed.

I finally learned that the Boss had been telling everyone I wouldnít be back until Wednesday. If Iíd known that, Iíd have taken the extra day. I finally located the Boss himself so that I could ask him a few pertinent questions (and maybe one or two impertinent ones). I hate stirring things up like that, because once he gets going itís hard to stop him.

He called me back and told me to pay a particular supplier (to the tune of thirteen thousand dollars that I could have used to pay other bills). Then he called and told me not to pay the invoice, because the order was wrong. Then he called and told me to pay it, because he had messed up the order, not the supplier. Iím pretty sure thatís where we left it. It had better be, anyway.

12 August 2006

David, Aiden and Titus explore the bank above the houseboat.

This will be a good week to put into practice the good work ethic I discovered (under duress) last week. Thatís probably the only way Iím going to get through it, so I might as well continue the momentum. Itís a little like running (from what I remember, back in the day). Itís hard to get started, but once you get going itís hard to stop.

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After two straight 1-0 games (a loss and a win), the Giants scored three whole runs tonight and made it stand up for a 3-2 win over the Padres. Much maligned closer Armando Benitez got his second save in a row in this one, and for once he set the Padres down 1-2-3 in the bottom of the ninth. Itíll only take about fifteen more outings like that for me to have any confidence in him again. Randy Winn broke out of a long slump with two hits tonight, and rookie catcher Eliezer Alfonzo had three hits to raise his average to .292. Matt Morris left with a lead in the seventh, but it was Mike Stanton who got the win, his first as a Giant.

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