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Thursday, August 10, 2006

If it hadnít been for the massive traffic jam (and the flat tire we had on the 505 connector freeway), it probably wouldnít have taken us five and a half hours to drive from Santa Rosa to Shasta Lake today. John and Suzanne picked me up at my house just after four this afternoon, and it was well past 9:30 pm by the time we got here.

Itís still hot up here, even this late (upper eighties F), but itís not the least bit unpleasant. I can handle the heat on the lake. In fact, in an hour or so Iíll be heading up to the top deck of the houseboat, where my sleeping bag is already laid out. No stars tonight, though, because of (a) the full moon and (2) smoke from the forest fires in the northern end of California.

11 August 2006

Shasta Lake.

Besides the smoke that gave the sky an eerie glow on our way up here this afternoon, there was one other interesting phenomenon that Iíd never experienced before. Swarms of yellow butterflies fluttered up and down over the highway. Some of them didnít survive the adventure. I know that because many of them slammed face-first into the windshield. But it was cool to see, nonetheless.

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Okay, I was wrong about the stars, to a point. The smoke didnít obscure anything in the night sky, and there were plenty of stars to see until the full moon came over the horizon. After that it was lights out (or lights on, I guess).

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