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Friday, August 12, 2005

The days are getting shorter now, arenít they? Then why do they suddenly seem sooooooo looooooooooooong?

I still havenít talked to Julie, but I did talk to the Bossís ex-wife for a long time this morning. Do you know how hard it is not to spill something that you shouldnít, especially to someone who is telling you things you probably shouldnít know? Real hard, thatís how hard. I get a lot of good information from the ex, but I really didnít need to tell her about the problem with Julie. As much as I tried to skirt around the issue, though, I ended up giving her way more details than I should have.

Then this afternoon I had a long talk with the Boss. He tried to give me the whole story from his perspective, but I took it with a grain of salt, because I know that itís important to him that I donít blame him if we lose Julie. He also wants me to believe that heís going to do whatever he can to keep her, short of giving her what she wants. Thatís a fine line heís trying to walk, and I donít know that I see it leading anywhere good. Iím trying to stay optimistic, though.

The funny thing is, everyone in this little melodrama thinks theyíre the one in the middle. Everybody is stuck between at least two other people, and we all feel as if weíre being pulled like salt water taffy. Iím trying not to do any of the pulling, so at least the rest of them can concentrate on each other instead of me. But Iím trying to go in three directions at once, and itís not working very well.

9 August 2005

Blue planet.

This is why I live alone and work at home. No office politics or social dynamics for me. When Tim phoned this afternoon, I just held the phone away from my ear and grunted every so often. I knew without hearing him that he wasnít making any sense, and I didnít need any more confusion in my day. The days are long enough without that. Maybe itís okay that theyíre getting shorter.

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For the first month of the season, Dontrelle Willis was the best pitcher in baseball. He was still pretty good tonight, but no better than Noah Lowry, who has been the Giantsí best pitcher for the last month. Tonight the Giants beat the Marlins, 1-0, on a home run by Randy Winn for the second game in a row. You donít win many games when you score only one run. It puts a lot of pressure on your pitching staff when the offense is that anemic, but tonight they were up to it.

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