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Thursday, August 12, 2004

I didn't really need any groceries today, except for the usual. That would of course be liquid drain opener, which is always the first thing I write when I'm making a new list. A few days ago I used three bottles of the stuff in my bathroom sink, and it's still running slow. I have to get things flowing there before I can move on to the shower drain.

But wait. I didn't ask you here to discuss my plumbing problems. I didn't need any groceries, but I did have to go to the bank, which is right there in the supermarket just a few feet away from the bakery department. Since I don't like to have the checker look at me funny, I didn't want to buy just Drano and a glazed donut. That's too weird.

So I made up a list in my head of things I might need and would probably use, to fill up the grocery cart enough so that no one single item would stand out and make anyone take notice. On occasions like this (and they happen more often than you'd think), I usually end up in the produce department. It wasn't always thus, but thus it do be now.

You don't have to spend a lot of money to fill up your cart with produce. Onions and lemons are downright cheap. So is garlic, but it doesn't take up enough space to do much good. Still, it's one of my staples. They had russet potatoes on sale, too, and they're nice and big and brown. I can always make oven-roasted potatoes, as long as I have a little olive oil and some salt and pepper, and maybe some rosemary or a red bell pepper. And potatoes; you need those for sure.

Obviously, I'm not on a low-carb diet. I love my donuts and potatoes. And bread and pasta and cereal.

The reason I had to buy nonfat milk along with soy milk is simple. You can't make instant pudding with soy milk. I ought to know, and you can trust me on that. Don't even bother trying it, unless you like to drink your pudding with a straw. (It actually wasn't that bad, but it wasn't really pudding, either.)

18 July 2004

Shasta Dam in the late afternoon.

Nobody made any smart remarks at the checkout counter, so I guess my little ploy worked. Plus, I'm stocked up for the weekend. Still, if I find myself back at the supermarket in the next couple of days, I'm sure I can find a way to fill the cart. That won't be a problem.

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