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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It was with some dismay that I heard the rain beating madly on the roof, even before I went to bed last night. Iíd been lulled into basking in the glow of a perfect spring, as it seemed to be unfolding. Weíve had warm, sunny days with no hint that winter was still lurking. Not until it was mostly overcast yesterday, with a dull but menacing cover of clouds.

What the latest rain means, in practical terms, is that Iím unlikely to get my yard in shape any time soon. The weeds and high grasses have taken over more than at any time in the nine and a half years Iíve lived here. I canít push the mower through mud, and my yard guy is unlikely to stop and do his job until it gets a bit drier. So Iím kind of stuck in the middle of a jungle. The lizards and mosquitoes seem to enjoy it way more than I do.

What concerns me most isnít the fire danger, because I expect to get the yard cut back long before it gets dry enough to burn. Iíve been having phone troubles again lately, especially on my DSL line. I actually donít know if itís the line itself, or the equipment inside. But if it is the line, I canít ask the phone company to take a look, because they wonít be able to find it. The phone lines are totally buried under a thick growth of greenery, inaccessible without a machete.

20 April 2010

So, hereís the deal. Iíll keep plugging away, hoping for the best, knowing that winter will end sooner or later, no matter how much I want it to have already ended two weeks ago. So far Iíve been able to regain internet access with a little plugging and unplugging and reconnecting. I havenít missed out on anything important because of the problem, and if it continues that way, I can live with it. I live with having to hack my way from the house to the garage, so I guess I can hack a few other inconveniences.

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