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Thursday, April 21, 2005

It was so tempting, but I knew I didnít have time. I was at the department store in the mall for one reason, a new pair of shoes. I had to find what I needed and get back to work within half an hour. I didnít have time for anything else, but it was so tempting.

Because, you see, when you walk into the store, the first thing you see is a sea of pink. Pink and purple, but with pink predominating. Itís the girlsí infant wear department. I very nearly veered off anyway, despite the press for time. I wanted to hold up little rompers and onesies and playsets, and picture Kylie wearing them. Kylie, who wonít be born until September.

And dresses. I want to buy a little tiny dress.

I donít know if Iíve ever shopped in that department before in my life, so it would all be new to me. Iíve bought a lot of little boysí clothes, but nothing for a brand new baby girl. I know for sure Iíve never bought a dress. Itís too bad I was on a mission, because I wanted to take that detour. We still have almost five months, though, so thereís no need to rush.

21 April 2005

Aiden keeps his balance. (Photo by D.J.)

And why was buying myself a new pair of shoes such an emergency that I had to cut into my valuable errand time for a special trip to the mall? In my old shoes, I canít go anywhere any more, because theyíre green. I have dress shoes and other sneakers, but I have one pair that I wear almost all the time. So of course I was wearing them when I was using my new lawnmower for the first time over the weekend. And of course theyíre now green. And of course I had to get a new, non-green pair to wear, if I ever want to go anywhere in public again. So thatís what I did.

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If not for the three-run homer by Chad Tracy off Jason Schmidt in the fourth inning, the Giants and Diamondbacks wouldnít have been playing deep into the night. It took the Giants until the eighth to tie the score, but they had only three hits through the first twelve innings. Thatís not exactly a recipe for success, especially with the bullpen problems theyíve been having (although the relievers were brilliant tonight). In the bottom of the thirteenth, out of pitchers, they loaded the bases with no outs and Deivi Cruz hit a pinch single to give the Giants an emotional 4-3 win.

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