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Monday, April 18, 2005

For most of the day, I thought the highlight of my Monday would be the curling marathon on ESPN2. I mean, come on. Itís Monnnnndaaaaay. Not only do I not have to think about what to do on a Monday, I donít even have to think very hard while Iím doing it. Iím paying bills all day long, usually. If thereís a ballgame on TV, it certainly doesnít distract me from my Monday work.

Curling is a little more distracting, mostly because I donít get to see it very often. Iím lucky if itís available once a year, so a three-hour block in the middle of a Monday afternoon is like an oasis in a desert of droning fax machines and groaning copiers. Itís a good thing they showed all of this curling at once, because it took me a while to get back into the rhythm of the game.

Sometimes I wish I were Canadian.

But as it happens, curling wasnít the highlight of my day after all. I had a phone call from Tammy this afternoon, and as soon as she told me she slipped, I knew what she meant. When she said, ďItís out,Ē I knew she wasnít talking about the baby. She was talking about the babyís name.

For reasons of their own, Tammy and David have been keeping the name of their daughter, who will be born in September, a secret. That is, theyíve been keeping the name a secret, not from everyone but from the people who care most, the members of the family who are closest to them. Theyíve told outsiders, but mostly (I think) just to torture the rest of us. Yes, itís a little sadistic, but as I said, they had their reasons.

But this baby has had a name for two and a half weeks, since they learned she was a girl. Because theyíve been using the name in private, it was bound to leak out sooner or later. Tammy was shopping with Suzanne this afternoon and the name just slipped out in the middle of a sentence. She gasped and hoped she hadnít been heard, but the genie stayed out of the bottle. (And no, the name isnít Jeannie, although itís a perfectly fine name.)

Our little girl will be called Kylie. Kylie Elizabeth. (She has a last name, too, but we already knew what that was going to be.)

4 April 2005

Turtle races aloft.

Itís good to be able to call Kylie by her name. It doesnít mean she wasnít loved when we just called her ďthe baby,Ē but it does make her seem a little more vivid. A lot of families have babies, but not as many have babies named Kylie, who will have three big brothers, just in case any of those other babies, with or without names, had any ideas.

Not that she wouldnít be able to take care of herself, of course. The big brothers are just a backup. In fact, Iím hoping she grows up healthy and strong and maybe some day makes the U.S. Olympic curling team. But only if she wants to.

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The Giants spent the weekend at that hitterís haven, Coors Field in Denver. Today they moved on to the pitcherís paradise, Petco Park in San Diego. True to form, the game was a scoreless tie until the sixth inning, when Lance Niekro hit his first major league home run to give the Giants a 1-0 lead. But the Padres tied it in the sixth and scored a whole bunch of runs in the seventh, and suddenly the Giantsí pitchers werenít in paradise any more. The 7-2 loss feels just as bad as it sounds.

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