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Thursday, September 15, 2005

If the Boss wanted me to be so grateful that Iíd work even harder, then he did the right thing by giving me a raise. Iím glad he came up with the idea, because I have a hard time asking. Iím always afraid heíll call me out on the fact that I donít do everything he asks at the moment he wants it. Iíd kind of like to keep things that way, in fact, but itís not worth turning down the extra money to be able to ignore him when I feel like it.

Since itís been nearly three years since my last raise, he canít exactly say itís not warranted. Just having lasted that much longer with him is worth some kind of prize. Heíd like to think itís its own reward, the fact that he lets me get away with so much. In a sense, I agree. The flexible hours and lack of direct supervision give me the breathing space that money canít buy.

Well, money can buy flexibility and autonomy, but the amount it would take to satisfy me is more than Iíll ever make unless I strike oil and go Republican. We all know thatís not likely to happen.

Itís the prime perk of my job, though. Even with the new and improved salary, the money isnít what keeps me around. Potential lack of money keeps me here, but thatís not exactly the same thing. What I really like is that I can take breaks to read or nap during the day, knowing Iíll be able to get my work done on what I laughingly call ďmy own time.Ē

13 September 2005

These trees used to go all the way to the road. Now there's a fence.

What will I do with all that extra money? As has been suggested, I could buy 40 songs a week from iTunes with it. I can fill up my gas tank without flinching quite as much. I can upgrade my NFL Sunday Ticket to the new Superfan level. I can buy wine in a bottle instead of a box. I could head up to Reno and blow it all in twenty minutes on the nickel slots.

Gee, itís great to be rich. Itís all about the options.

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The Dodgers and Giants started a four-game series tonight tied for second place, but only the Dodgers played as if it meant something. They put the squeeze on Giant pitching early and never let up. Of course, you can let up a little with a six-run lead against a team with an anemic offense and still finish the game with a smile. Tonight it was the Dodgers who were smiling, to the tune of a 7-1 win over the Giants and sole possession of second place.

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