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Friday, September 10, 2004

Not to name any names, but...

In general, I'm not sure we should elect a president based on what he did or didn't do in the military thirty years ago, but I'd probably vote for a guy who served honorably enough to be decorated over one who shirked his duty by walking away (and decades later lied about both his own service record and his opponent's).

As a matter of principle, I don't believe in IQ tests and I don't claim to have seen any results, but I'd have more faith in a candidate who speaks in complete sentences (and real words) over one who mangles syntax and often gets lost somewhere between the subject and the predicate, and who doesn't show that he knows the meaning of "statesmanship" and "demagoguery," much less the difference.

In a perfect world, I'd like to see an independent press scrutinize and analyze the statements, actions and positions of politicians, instead of allowing public debate to be engineered by planners, handlers and spin doctors. In this imperfect world, I'll listen to the side that criticizes the other's policy before I'll pay any attention to the one who attacks character.

All other things being equal, I'm looking for a candidate who didn't mislead us into an unwinnable money-pit of a war, turn a hard-won national surplus into a colossal deficit, or turn over the defense of the constitution to those who believe in the second amendment but not the first. I'd choose someone with no record over one with that record.

10 September 2004

Spicy pork chops. Sometimes I lay it on a little thick.
(The sauce, that is.)

I'm not saying there are any candidates for national office who fit any of these descriptions, but if there were, and if I could find out about them, I'd probably make my choice based on factors such as these. All other things being equal. In a perfect world. As a matter of principal. In general.

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Late in a 1-0 game, and facing Randy Johnson, the Giants' manager decided to roll the dice and go for offense, instead of staying with the pitcher who was throwing a shutout. The decision backfired spectacularly. With the bases loaded and no outs, they failed to score another run, and the bullpen promptly went out and blew the one-run lead and the game. The Diamondbacks' 2-1 win left the Giants six games behind the Dodgers and left their fans scratching their heads once again about some of the managerial decisions.

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