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Saturday, September 28, 2002

I had every intention of getting some work done today. More than that, I was going to spend the whole day working. I even opened up the spreadsheet program as soon as I turned on the computer this morning. The template sat there, waiting for data, all day long. Then it got dark and I closed the program.

It would have made so much sense. It's a quiet weekend, and I have some easy tasks I'd like to get through before the end of Monday, which is also the end of the month and the end of the quarter. It would make next week so much easier if I had a head start. And to be fair and honest, most of the work I was going to do today should probably have been done last week anyway.

It was much too nice a day, though, and I had other things on my mind. I slept in a richly deserved two hours after I first woke up at the usual weekday time, squinted at the clock radio, and fell back to sleep. I went to the post office and stopped by Mom's because she had some leftovers for me. If I hadn't gone to get them she would have come here, and there's no reason for her to have to go to that trouble, especially since she's still on the mend. She's walking better most of the time, but there are days that are not good, especially the day after she's tried to do too much.

Then this afternoon I watched the Giants game, in which they clinched a spot in the playoffs. While I watched I was chatting online with my friend from Houston, who's a transplanted Giants fan himself. It was a tense, exciting game, won by the right team. The players celebrated after by spraying each other with champagne in the locker room. I celebrated by going outside.

It's been a while since I've put in time pulling weeds. There hasn't been much need to, really. Since I had the place mowed a few weeks back, the regrowth has been only spotty, a dandelion here and there mostly. This was just too good a day to waste, so I found a few places where my work would do the most good and played in the dirt for a half hour or so. Then I put the sprinkler on and sat out on the back porch to read.

It wasn't until it started getting dark that I remembered I hadn't done the spreadsheet work I'd promised myself I would. Oh well. I didn't have any great Saturday night party plans, but I wasn't going to spend my time hammering out data entry and straining my eyes over printouts. Especially with so many new shows to watch on TiVo.

That's quite a quagmire Friday nights at 9:00 pm. TiVo can't record more than two programs at once, but I have two VCRs as well. I'm not inclined to devote that much time to one hour of television, and I might end up eliminating all the shows.

John Doe was much more interesting last week in its first episode; this week the characters just seemed annoying. That Was Then looks as if its Groundhog Day-Back to the Future premise could get very old very fast. Hack has David Morse and Andre Braugher, but I'm not sure that's enough. So far the best thing I've seen is Greetings from Tucson. At least that one's on the WB network, so we know it won't get cancelled no matter what.

I know. But that's how I spent my Saturday night, and it beat working by a mile.


The wisteria shoots new branches into the September sky.

I'm going to San Francisco tomorrow, but not in a car. They don't hold with gas guzzlers in the City By the Bay, no sir. So we're taking the ferry and walking down the Embarcadero to Pacific Bell Park. That doesn't mean I won't get run over by a bicyclist. That's happened to me many times while walking on the Embarcadero. But at least they can't accuse me of polluting the atmosphere.

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