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Sunday, September 15, 2002

How pathetic did I sound yesterday, with all my whining and feeling sorry for myself? It must have been pretty bad, because Mom showed up at my door with soup today. My poor mother with her pulled hamstring drove to Mary's Pizza Shack and bought a carton of white bean soup. Then she drove to my house and hobbled up the walkway, leaning on her cane, to deliver it. How lucky am I?

My garden is going to die again, because I'm spending a lot less time watering since I got the new hose. It's just no fun any more, with water dripping all over me. I whip through the yard, spritzing here and spraying there, and I try to get it over with as soon as I can. The green will be turning back to brown soon, unless I take immediate remedial action.

Tomorrow being Monday and all, I won't be able to run all over town looking for nozzles and connectors and such. What I can do is stop at Rite Aid on my way to the post office and see what they have. Maybe I'll just buy duct tape. Maybe I'll go for a whole new hose. It just depends on how much of the frustration I'm feeling now carries over.

I guess I could have gone out shopping today, but then I'd be sure to overspend. Anyway, I didn't plan on seeing anyone all day. I didn't even bother to shave this morning, and I always shave if I expect to be around other people. It's okay if someone shows up unexpectedly, like Mom, but I'd never make a trip to Target on a day I didn't shave.

She had three photos left on the roll of film in her camera, and she insisted I stand in front of the house and pose for her. I protested (the shaving thing), but mildly. Chances are she didn't get me in focus anyway.

gray skies

Gray skies near sunset.

I shouldn't like The Sopranos. It's not in any of the categories of shows and movies I'm attracted to, except for the fact that it's a family drama. This isn't the kind of family you see in the Air Bud movies or on 7th Heaven. It's not a musical, although the music chosen for the score is a fascinating eclectic mix. It isn't the least bit warm-hearted, unless you believe all that bumping and grinding has anything to do with genuine affection.

But I love the show and I'm glad it's back, because it's so well made, from scripts to production values to acting. That's the same reason I thought Traffic was such a terrific movie. I guess I didn't love it, exactly, but it's a great film, and I'd even watch it again. Right after I watch I Am Sam and Life As a House a few more times, probably, but still. Some day. Better than Gladiator.

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