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Friday, September 29, 2000

When you're waiting for something big to happen, time either speeds up or slows down, depending on whether or not you're ready for it. I had so much to do this morning that the hands on the clock were doing double time. (Remember when clocks had hands? What I meant was that the digits on the clock were going by in a blur.)

Since I worked so late last night, I didn't try to get anything done for the company today. That doesn't mean I got to pack and prepare without interruption, since the phone was unusually busy for a Friday morning. About ten minutes before John and Suzanne picked me up, the Boss called. He'd forgotten that he gave me the afternoon off and had an assignment for me. I politely reminded him and begged off.

We left Santa Rosa a little after one. We hit stop-and-go traffic in a few spots on I-80 as we headed toward the turnoff to 505. The sky was hazy along I-5, mostly from controlled burning in the fields surrounding the highway. But it was a pleasant drive, and traffic thinned out as we got further north.

We made it to Shasta Lake by six, when it was still light enough to find our way down the dirt road to the marina. There were five of us on our houseboat, plus six adults and two children on the one next door. With so many people coming in at different times, the houseboats stayed docked in the marina tonight.

There was a lively game of liar's dice on the back deck. The game got louder and louder as more and more wine and beer was consumed. It was a clear night, warm for late September. Even though we're not all related by blood, we consider each other family because of the history and love we all share.

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