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Friday, October 6, 2006

Probably my lowest moment of this miserable week was yesterday, after I went out in the rain and got soaked walking from my car to the post office and back. After I made it home, the weight of it all hit me. I was cold and sniffly and achy all over, and I wanted nothing more than to crawl under a rock. But it would have had to be a warm rock.

The sun came out in the afternoon yesterday, and I tried to convince myself I was getting better. This morning I woke up to a dense blanket of fog, and also to the phone at 8:00 am. ďI hate to call this early,Ē the Boss began. Then he told me what he wanted, and I gave him the information and went back to bed. When the phone rang again twenty minutes later, I decided to stay up.

It was dismal all day, until the sun poked weakly through late this afternoon, but somewhere along the way something magical happened. I really did start to feel better. I had energy, and my throat didnít hurt and the cough, that awful cough that has been the worst part of all this, was gone. I waited for it to come back, but it didnít. The drippy nose was the last of the symptoms, and even that wasnít as bad as itís been all week.

15 September 2006

Marching clouds.

So I think Iím past the worst of this. I might wake up tomorrow morning (or tomorrow afternoon) and feel as if Iíve taken a step backward, but I donít think so. I really canít, because I missed so much work during the week that I think I should try to make up for it over the weekend. I wonít be able to get fully caught up, but Iíll feel better if I make a dent in the pile of papers on my desk. And feeling better is pretty much the only goal I have right now.

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Hereís why the Tigers are still in the playoffs and the Twins have gone three and out. In their game against the Aís this afternoon, the Twins already trailed by two runs when they walked Frank Thomas with two outs and nobody on in the seventh inning. Not only did Thomas come around to score, but the Aís scored three more runs in the inning on a double by Marco Scutaro. The Aís 8-3 win eliminated the Twins in a three-game sweep. In tonightís game in Detroit, the Tigers forced the action with aggressive base running and timely hitting, beating the Yankees, 6-0, to take a 2-1 lead in the best-of-five series. What really won this game wasnít the Tigersí hitting as much as the Yankeeís lack of it, owing to a splendid pitching performance by Kenny Rogers.

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