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Saturday, October 8, 2005

Because today was Johnís 52nd birthday, it was Tammyís idea that the theme for his party should be ďcasino night.Ē Because, you see, he likes to play (and watch) poker, and there are 52 cards in a deck. Get it? So we were all instructed to include a deck of novelty playing cards attached to the presents we gave him. Mine was a Dora the Explorer deck. Eric gave him a pinochle deck (with 48 cards, the idea being that heís not playing with a full deck; get it?).

The party was at Tammy and Davidís house, mostly because itís easier to keep children busy in their own home. It was planned that way even before Aiden and Kylie got sick. They both went to the doctor today. Aiden has a slight fever from teething, and Kylie has a rash on her face. Nothing serious in either case, but it made it better that they were home. In fact, both were asleep long before the party broke up.

But you wouldnít have known Aiden was sick at all, from the way he charmed the socks off everyone there. He might not have been fully aware that he was celebrating his grandpaís birthday, but that didnít stop him from being the life of the party. He was his usual happy self, and heís getting more words and phrases all the time.

Heís definitely his daddyís little boy, as much as Kylie is her mamaís baby. But Aiden has come a long way and soaks up attention from anyone willing to give it, so we can be pretty sure Kylie will get to that point, too. I have to admit, she was not soothed when I tried to sing to her, but really, nobody is.

8 October 2005

Suzanne and Kylie.

As soon as we could, we removed the party to John and Suzanneís house. The babies were asleep, and it only made sense for everyone to leave so Tammy and David could rest while it was quiet. They donít get a lot of sleep, with two babies, one barely a month old, in the house, and they have to take advantage while they can.

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Imagine my dismay when I got to the party and people were watching not baseball but college football. Oh well. Not my house, not my party, and definitely not my birthday. From catching an inning here and there on the radio throughout the evening, I can report that the Astros got three doubles from ageless second baseman Craig Biggio in their 7-3 win over the Braves, and the Cardinals got two more RBIs from Reggie Sanders (for a total of 10 in the three-game series) in a 7-4 win in San Diego that eliminated the Padres. It rained in New York, so the other game was postponed until tomorrow. The early game. The one I would have been able to watch in the comfort of my own home (if it hadnít been raining in New York).

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