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Saturday, October 30, 2004

It was nice of Osama to warn us that we could be attacked again. Itís too bad we didnít know before 9/11 that he was going to hijack planes and fly them into buildings.

Oh, wait. We did know. Or rather, the president knew. And Condoleezza Rice knew. They had in their hands a Presidential Daily Briefing on August 6, 2001, telling us what bin Laden was planning. Planes. Buildings. And it wasnít exactly couched in highly technical language that the president wouldnít have been able to understand. The title of the briefing was, ďBin Laden determined to strike in US

So thatís why we were so well-prepared on September 11.

Oh, wait. We werenít. Because the president didnít hold a single meeting about the warning, not on August 6 or any of the 35 days following, up to the day he read ďMy Pet GoatĒ to Florida schoolchildren while the World Trade Center burned.

And afterward, did he smoke Osama out of his cave, as he promised to do? It sure doesnít seem like it, based on the fact that heís still making threats three years later. It didnít take the president long to get diverted from his hunt for the mastermind behind the deaths of 3,000 people in the U.S.

The president wanted to tie Iraq to the attacks, so that he could go after Saddam and his oil fields. When he couldnít find any evidence, he made stuff up. There was no doubt Saddam had weapons of mass destruction. There was no doubt he was planning on using it to attack the United States. But the president would build a coalition like the one his father put together in 1991. He wouldnít start a war without world opinion on his side, and without a clear reason, and without enough troops to win the war and keep the peace. Would he?

Oh, wait. He did.

26 October 2004


Itís nice that Bush and his apologists think the latest bin Laden tape is going to help him win the election. At least something will have been accomplished by letting this mass murderer get away.

God help us if we reelect this man whose lies and failures have cost us thousands of lives and the good will of the world and any chance at security, physical or economic, in the near future. In 2000, we didnít know what he would do. Now we do. Now we have no excuse.

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Whether you live in a swing state or a solid red or blue state, please, please vote. If Kerry wins, we want him to have a big enough popular vote mandate to give him the kind of legitimacy he will need to do the job. If Bush wins, we donít want him to think we endorse all his policies with any kind of unanimity. (And if youíre a Bush voter, just reverse those two names. But please, stay home Tuesday. (Just kidding. (Sort of.)))

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