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Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Watching a baseball game, especially a World Series game, always leaves me with the dilemma of what to do between innings. I can't just sit there, even if I'm not especially invested in either of the teams. Oh sure, I'd like to see the Marlins topple the mighty Yankees, but it's not as if I've lived and died with the Florida team since April the way— well, the way nobody has, since they barely had a following until their late-season run at the playoffs.

That leaves me with the perfect opportunity to do some work around the place. Tonight, for example, I got caught up on some of the laundry that I forgot I'd forgotten about. I don't know how long those two sets of sheets (and I only own three) have been languishing in the back of the closet, but I can finally change my bedding. Maybe I'll do that between innings tomorrow night.

It's not easy finding productive ways to spend two and a half minutes out of every ten or fifteen. I would have liked to be doing something physical, to counteract all the isometric fidgeting I do while watching the game. Something to relieve the tension (in my body, that is, since my heart and mind are at ease). Something to help me unclench.

One solution I tried tonight was to race up the stairs after the third out and work on cleaning out the loft. It's become a dumping ground. Every printer and monitor I've ever owned, working or not, is stored somewhere, along with the empty boxes that their replacements came in. Everything from the last four years all seems to be in the loft.

I did move a few things out to the garage, but the garage was pretty tightly packed already (with old, broken vacuums and VCRs, among other things). There just wasn't room to add much more. Sliding boxes around trying to make more room caused me to miss the first pitch of the next inning a few times, but thanks to a long rain delay in the bottom of the fifth inning I cleared a lot of space in the loft. I have a long way to go up there, though, before it's ready to be used as a guest room.

17 October 2003

A few clouds make the sky seem even bluer.

If I have all this nervous energy to burn during a game between teams from Florida and New York, you can imagine how seriously deranged I was last year at this time, when the Giants were in the World Series.

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People who read only the score of the game (a 6-1 win by the Yankees) will not appreciate what a well-pitched game it was, especially by the two starters. It was close all the way, tied in the eighth and a one-run game in the ninth, until a couple of home runs broke it open. Even knowing this much doesn't convey the tension and drama of the game. If it had been 6-1 in the first inning, I would have got a lot more work done.

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