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Monday, October 1, 2001

Monday. There must be something good about it. I was all ready to write about my lousy Monday (redundant, sorry), but I just don't want to go there. I've been there all day, and I'd like to get out of there.

What good things can I say about a Monday? It comes just once a week, and several times a year it gets canceled in favor of a holiday. It goes by quickly, because I'm too busy to watch the clock. It ends with a football game (tonight's was in New York, and somehow Rudy Giuliani found time to make an appearance ... go figure).

My biggest challenge on a Monday is not letting the Boss see how stressed I am. It's actually one of my more impressive talents. I have to be careful not to answer the phone on the first ring, though. I let it wait for a beat so I can take a breath, collect myself, and sound all cheery. He's as moody as I am, especially under pressure, but if I make an effort to keep myself upbeat, I can sometimes turn his Monday around. This makes things ever so much easier on me (which is of course the reason I do it).

As action-packed as today was, I made it through. I even got some work done, beyond the usual dancing to the tune of each new crisis as it came bopping out of whatever direction I didn't happen to be looking in. It's like baking cookies and playing laser tag at the same time. I'm not saying the cookies came out as tasty as they might have, or that I dodged every virtual bullet, but I did get to the end of this Monday without serious injury.

twilight time

The top of the birch tree, nearly bare now, in the autumn twilight.

Another quarter has ended, and I have to find time to do all the payroll and tax accounting. The due dates are scattered haphazardly throughout the month. If I work it right, I'll do a little every day. If I work it the way I usually do, I'll wait until the day before something is due and pull an all-nighter to get it done on time. That's one way to stay young ... relive your college years!

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