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Saturday, October 7, 2000

What's better than a family birthday? Two family birthdays celebrated on the same day, with people filling the house with laughter and conversation.

I have to admit I missed the first few hours, because my attention was on the baseball game on TV. I wasn't the only one, but I might have been the most intense. At least, that's what people kept telling me. Every so often, Suzanne would hand me a glass of wine. I'm pretty sure I drank them, but I don't exactly remember it.

I think there were some pretty tasty hors d'oeuvres, too. My body was in California, but my mind was in New York. If I inadvertently ignored anyone, I sincerely apologize.

John opening presentsBev opening presents

After the game and dinner, John and Bev opened presents. Then it was time for cake, and a little chaos.


It was a great party. The kids were all in top form, and everyone was relaxed. I'll admit I kind of zoned out for a good part of the day, but it felt good to be able to do that, and know that I was in the company of people who understood and indulged me.

There are three more pages of pictures from today that will probably not interest anyone outside the family. Everyone is welcome to check out this mini-photo album, though. If you're so inclined, start here.

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