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Wednesday, October 4, 2000

It's just barely possible that my dryer isn't working properly. I come to this conclusion from the fact that three hours on medium heat doesn't seem to be long enough to dry two T-shirts.

I believe these shirts would dry out by themselves, if I hung out in the air. I'm not sure how the dryer is managing to keep them damp. After that much tumbling, they come out splotched with wet spots, partly dry but mostly not. I hate to turn up the heat, because I don't want them to shrink.

So I guess this goes on my list of things to tell the landlord, when I remind him about the as yet unfulfilled promises, such as fixing the outdoor sprinkler system or replacing the missing bath tiles.

And I still have a light fixture that I can't take off so that I can change the bulb. I pull and I twist, but I'm afraid of snapping something off or having the whole thing come crashing down on my head in jagged shards. So I live in partial darkness.

It's in a spot where I could use more light, too, in the hall behind my desk, between the doors to the bathroom and bedroom, and just outside the kitchen entry. You know, right about here:

light fixture

Okay, here are a couple of wider shots, so you can see how much space I have to light. I have table and floor lamps all over the place, but it would be helpful to have this one overhead light working as it should.

view from the rightview from the left

Does it sound as if I'm complaining? Because I still love my home and wouldn't trade it for any other place I've ever lived.

Mom's surgery this morning went well, according to the doctor. Of course, we won't know if it's a success, in the sense that it improved her vision, for at least a few days. There's every reason to be hopeful, at this point.

Suzanne took her in early this morning, and they were home by 10:30. She stayed with her until I could get away from work, and then I stayed until she decided she wanted to go to bed. She was in some pain at times, and she was tingly from the medication, but she had many phone calls from friends and seemed to be taking things well.

Tomorrow morning I'm taking her for her follow-up appointment. She'll get the bandage off, and they'll see how it looks so far. They told her she would be back to normal, including driving, in about four days.

When I got home from Mom's tonight it was dark, but I could see a light in the lot next door where the vacant barn is located. After I stopped the car I could hear a high-pitched whine coming from that area.

Out here at the Fortress, I'm not used to hearing any sounds, especially after dark. I peeked around the corner of the fence to see if Fred might be running a table saw or something. That seemed unlikely, since he has both a garage and workshop next to his own house.

It turned out to be a remote control car. The Noisy kids must have seen me checking things out, because the activity stopped almost immediately. I moved over here so that I wouldn't have to hear them bouncing off the walls all day every day, but I never gave them a reason to be afraid of me.

Maybe it was just getting too late on a school night, or the batteries ran out, or something. I'd hate to have the reputation of the crotchety old guy in the house out back (even if that's who I am).

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