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Friday, November 27, 2009

Well, yes, Thanksgiving at Suzanneís house was a pretty spectacular success. The newly extended family was there, and the food was good (what I ate, and what I heard about), and the kids were in great form. Even my fruit and toasted almond stuffing was well received.

While playing hide and seek with Aiden and Kylie, I learned that there are apparently only three acceptable hiding places in the house. That tells me that the object of the game is not necessarily for the hiders to hide. The object is for the finder to find, and making it too difficult isnít playing fair.

Anyway, hiding too well takes a person out of circulation too long. When youíre four or five years old, itís better to be in the middle of everything. Itís better for the kid, and itís better for the adults. Everyone learns how to interact and relate to one another. Itís a lot more fun that way, and it makes for high hopes for the next family holiday. Maybe Iím reading too much into the ethos of hide and seek, but thatís how it seems to me.

26 November 2009

Eric, Kat and Aiden. (More Thanksgiving photos here.)

Aiden also requested that I wrestle with him outside on the back lawn, which I was more than happy to do. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but there were repercussions. Namely, while he was tossing me around I pulled something or strained something in my ribcage, and Iíve been fighting off the pain ever since. It will pass, Iím sure, but the memories will be worth the anguish (assuming it actually does pass).

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