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Sunday, November 14, 2004

Itís only a wracking cough and a fiery sore throat. Try not to worry about me. Iíll be just fine, as long as I can get eight hours of sleep tonight and a stress-free Monday. Thatís not to much to ask, is it? For the sake of my health?

Itís not really that bad (or so I keep telling myself). My energy level is better than youíd expect after hearing the list of symptoms. My appetite is just fine (darn the luck). And Iím no more tired than I usually am at the end of a weekend when my bad sleeping habits get even worse.

Besides, Iím actually looking forward to the new challenges that Iíll start facing tomorrow. Itís a whole different kind of payroll that Iíll be doing for the first time, and I donít even know how much to pay these people until I talk to the Boss, who has been on the road and unreachable since late Thursday, and whose new phone number (and fax number) I donít know yet.

Itís like a puzzle, or a test. I have to find the solution, or at least the answer key so I can cheat. Iím eager to get started, but it depends too much on input from others, so I have to wait until tomorrow. I just hope I wake up feeling this good, but better.

2 November 2004

Cloudy sky.

Iíll tell you one thing Iím not ready for, though. Iím not ready for the holidays. Everyone else seems to be finished with shopping and making big plans, and Iím sitting here waiting for ideas to drop out of the sky, but without the time or money to follow through, even if they do. Iím sure itíll all come together in time, just like every year. But Iíll be on pins and needles until it does. Just like every year.

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Maybe itíll work out, but it seems to me that signing a 37-year-old shortstop to a three-year contract might not be the best use of the Giantsí discretionary spending. Letís just say that they have more pressing needs, like shoring up the bullpen and adding one more top line starter. They need to figure out who will be their closer and who will play right field. Itís hard to second-guess the Giantsí front office, since they keep the team in contention year after year. Itís hard, but we do it anyway.

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