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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Wednesday has become my favorite work day. Itís the day I reserve to catch up on the things I donít get around to on other days. Itís far enough from Monday that most of that trauma is behind me, and itís not close enough to the weekend to tempt me to start shutting down early. I have Tuesday chores and Thursday chores, but on Wednesday I fine tune the to-do list. Sometimes thatís the only thing that makes it work at all.

Anyway, today was good and productive, even though weíre still getting used to the kennel business. Every day brings a new set of questions, but Iím getting better at finding answers. Someone faxed me a set of signature pages from an affidavit, without sending me the text of the document. I had no idea what these people were signing and why I was getting it, but I tracked down the answer.

It turns out we have to keep on file our employeesí acknowledgment that theyíve read all the rules about not selling alcohol to minors. (Yes, we sell liquor in the kennel. Tobacco, too. I feel dirty.) All I have to do is find a place to keep these signatures on file, so that when the truth squad descends on us, we can avoid the fine. (I hope. I havenít actually met any of the kennel crew, so for all I know they would sell dope to first graders. I assume theyíve been vetted.)

We also know have workersí compensation insurance in place. I think weíre supposed to hold regular first aid seminars and post safety regulations before weíre fully covered, but I was blown away by the cost of this insurance.

We have three people, one who works Sundays only and two who work around the cages and the play yard. Itís costing us over $8,000 a year to keep them insured against workplace injuries. Thatís almost as much as we pay for our ten-person construction crew that works for the other company (and theyíre the ones with the real exposure). Amazing.

Iím gradually getting more comfortable writing checks out of the new checkbook, but Iím still not getting all the information I need. The deposits are made daily by our onsite employees, and theyíre supposed to fax me copies of the deposit slips. Thatís something we still have to work on, before I overdraw the account. So far that hasnít been a problem, because a lot more has gone into the account than Iíve taken out of it.

4 November 2004


In case you didnít catch the rather broad hints Iíve dropped along the way, I hereby freely admit that The Kennel isnít a kennel. The cages are actually berths and the puppies are boats. They play yard is an RV park. I think thatís as far as Iíll go, except to say that while I donít own (part of) a kennel, I do own (part of) a m@r1n@. Got it?

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In another really fine decision, the president has named a new Attorney General to replace the lamentable John Ashcroft. Alberto Gonzalez, as a Justice Department counsel, has written a memo advising the administration that itís okay to torture prisoners of war, while at the same time saying that U.S. prisoners in enemy hands should be treated according to the Geneva Conventions.

Gonzalez also helped Dick Cheney keep his energy task force secret, wrote the presidential order authorizing military tribunals without due process for prisoners held outside the United States, and wrote memos to Governor Bush in Texas that presented only the prosecutionís side of clemency issues, leading to the execution of hundreds of convicts without adequate review of their cases. In other words, a man with the Ashcroft attitude and the Bush attention span.

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