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Friday, November 7, 2003

We left Santa Rosa in the rain at 1:00 this afternoon and found our hotel in Anaheim at 9:30 pm on a warm, balmy Southern California night. In between we saw a lot of brown fields and a million taillights. I'm so glad I wasn't the one driving.

In fact, I shared the back seat of Mike and Debbie's car with Eric. It would be hard to find better company for a long drive where you have to rely on yourselves for entertainment. As always, Eric and I had no trouble keeping ourselves (and each other) amused.

The hotel is just around the corner from the front entrance to Disneyland. We heard fireworks as we pulled up to check in, and there was more excitement at the registration desk. Twelve of us caravanned down from the north in three vehicles. Amazingly, despite traffic and other obstacles, we all arrived at nearly the same time.

What we didn't know was that three rooms were reserved under one name, with two more rooms under two other names. We had the poor clerk looking through all the reservation cards before we got everything sorted out.

Well, sort of sorted out anyway. Three rooms were on the ground floor. Who got one of the rooms that required climbing stairs? The two oldest of us, of course, Mom and her friend Linda.

08 November 2003

Sparrows on the patio at our hotel. It doesn't take a whole muffin to draw a crowd, just a crumb.

I'm sharing a room tonight with Tammy and David and Eric. With two double beds and a rollaway, it's cozy in here, but we'll make it work. We have two nights here before we board the ship Sunday. We'd like to get an early start tomorrow and spend the whole day at Disneyland. I just hope we can all get in and out of the bathroom before 8:00 am. We'll see how that works.

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