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Friday, May 30, 2008

I have a confession to make. Sometimes I donít use the best judgment. Sometimes I know what the right thing to do is, and yet I do something else. I know. You thought I was better than that (or at least you thought Iíd want you to think I was better than that). But no, I can be stubborn when flexibility is called for, and impatient almost any time.

One thing I donít do is drink and drive, but there are times when I drive while impaired in other ways. Just today, for example, I probably shouldnít have been behind the wheel, because I was so tired I wasnít in control of my emotions. I had a barely controllable urge to drive down the street at about 90 mph (the posted speed limit was 40). I cussed out just about every other driver on the road, but to be honest, many of them deserved it. Even though I didnít have an Incident, I was glad to make it home.

While all this was going on I wasnít so unaware of the situation that I gave in to any destructive urges. In fact, thatís what separates me from the true road ragers. Even when I feel out of control, I can talk myself into following the rules and realizing what Iím doing. All I have to do is remind myself that the entire fabric of civilization is held together by the social contract we make with each other when we get behind the wheel. Thereís nowhere the Golden Rule applies more fittingly than when weíre sharing the road.

29 May 2008

Cloud confrontation.

Itís actually a little more difficult to keep myself in line at home, where thereís nobody to (a) witness what Iím doing, or (2) be affected by my actions. Thatís why (back in the day, not lately, of course) you might have to pick up after me as I threw things around, or patch holes in my walls, or sit in a chair thatís a little wobbly because Iíve slammed it against the table one too many times. Iím happy to say that Iíve learned from past mistakes and mellowed out a bit. After you run out of chairs, it gets easier to stop yourself from wrecking them. Itís amazing what a little perspective can do.

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"And he wants to present the image to the world of a man for whom nothing has changed, just because he canít walk right now. Sort of like FDR, only not."

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