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Friday, May 16, 2008

Little did I know when I took my car into the Saturn dealer for service this morning that Iíd be sitting there for two hours. It was just an oil change, nothing major, and the service rep who checked me in just asked if I wanted to wait for it. I assumed that he wouldnít assume that Iíd want to wait two hours, but I assumed erroneously. Well, he was a new guy. Or at least a guy I hadnít seen before.

So I heedlessly wandered down the hall to the lounge and sat down. Then I got up and moved to another chair, so that I wouldnít have to watch Maury Povich blindsiding women about their childrenís paternity. I didnít want to hear him, either, but I couldnít very well turn the TV off when other people were watching. So I moved to where I couldnít see, at least, and pulled out my Kindle.

That was what made the time pass so quickly. Iíve taken paperback books there in the past, and that was fine, but I managed to read through most of the morning paper before settling in with my current read (Hold Tight, by Harlan Coben). I didnít expect to have two hours to read, and after an hour I got a little antsy, but after that I didnít want my car to be done until I finished the book. You get to the downhill side of a book like that and all you want to do is race to the finish.

And by that time, I realized that as soon as my car was ready I was going to rush home and finish the book anyway, so it didnít matter. Thatís the reason I was still working at 9:00 tonight, by the way. Things have to be done, and Iím out of here on a road trip with the Aged Parent tomorrow. I havenít decided yet whether to take my Kindle on the bus to Walnut Creek.

29 April 2008

Cloud separation.

When checkout time at Saturn did finally roll around, I did a little proselytizing. The cashier asked what kind of device I was carrying, and so I gave her the whole sales pitch. Iím a proud member of the Kindle cult. If you donít want to know, donít ask. (Actually, she was quite impressed. Sheís thinking of getting one for her grandmother, because of the ease of changing the text size. Thatís one of my favorite qualities of the thing as well.)

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