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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The fact that I did it to myself is of no consolation whatsoever. In fact, it makes me feel a little stupid that even though I woke up this morning with a knot in my back and a twinge in my sketchy right hip joint, I went on the treadmill for thirty minutes anyway. I kept the incline low and the speed moderate, and while I was working out it didnít bother me. Much. Afterward, it did. A lot.

Itís only a slight exaggeration to say that every joint in my body aches. Some more than others. Some easier to ignore than others. I did it to myself, to some degree, but I didnít ask for this.

But yes, I should have known better. I should have heeded the all too blatant warning sign. But, you see, I missed the treadmill yesterday, and I havenít missed two days in a row since I started. Iím a little afraid to miss two days in a row, but now Iím thinking I might be missing about a week, until this pain (that used to be a twinge) eases up a bit. Iíve pretty much cancelled all planned physical activity. The treadmill doesnít have a Shuffling mode. It wonít go slower than one mile per hour, but thatís about where Iím at today.

One thing I learned today was that if you happen upon the right combination of medication, you can just sit and endure. Even if it starts to hurt, you donít care all that much. Oh, my. Another pain shooting through my body. Well, thatís interesting, but it will pass if I just sit here and let it. As long as I have that going for me, no doctor is going to touch me. Iíll be the one who decides when it gets to the next level.

So I canceled my appointments for tomorrow, and Iíll do as much sitting around as I can, in whatever degree of stupor seems appropriate. No exercise, and frequent breaks (because I canít take the whole day off, no matter what). I even put off my car appointment until Friday, and if Iím not enough better by then, Iíll postpone it again.

29 April 2008

Cloud tentacles.

This afternoon I got a ďgood jobĒ nod from the Boss. I had spent way too much of my day (and in way too much pain) working on a spreadsheet for a new project he started. It involves various financial transactions between companies and individuals, and that kind of stuff bores me to tears, but I stayed with it until I got it done to his satisfaction. And then, I shuffled off to the medicine cabinet.

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