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Saturday, May 10, 2008

I should probably thank the Fox television network (whaaaat?). They prevented the Giantsí game this afternoon from being televised, so I listened to it on the radio, rather than watching whatever game Fox decided was of more interest. I donít appreciate their making that choice for me, but I should probably thank them, because if the Giants had been on TV, I probably would have sat and watched the game for three hours. Iím not into sitting and looking at the radio, so I found other things to do while I was listening.

Now, Iím not saying I got a lot done while the game was on. It is, after all, Saturday, so what I did would fall into the Puttering category. I puttered here and there around the house, did some shredding of junk mail and recycling of old magazines. Thereís something I wonít have to do much longer. As soon as my Newsweek subscription runs out in July, Iíll switch over to a Kindle subscription instead. No waste there.

So the living room looks a little better than it did when the day (or the game) started. Thereís no use pretending I worked in the yard. You know I couldnít have heard the radio with the mower or the weed trimmer running, and besides, it was hot and windy out there today. Iíll take a pass on exposing my allergies to those conditions. This was my first non-Benadryl day in a while, and I wanted to keep it that way.

10 May 2008

I made sun tea today.

How exciting. The new phonebooks are here. They drop them in plastic bags underneath my mailbox, which is fine, except when they drop the plastic bag in something sticky and smelly. I held it way away from me as I carried it in. I canít remember the last time I actually used the phone book, since most of the unknown numbers I need are not in this county, so I have to find them on line anyway. Every so often Iíll look at the zip code list to see where some of these out-of-town long distance calls that my Caller ID canít identify are coming from. The two today were from 518 and 978, so hellooooo, Albany, NY, and Lawrence, Mass.

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