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Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Fewer donuts and more apples found their way into my shopping cart when after more than a week I was finally able to make it to the supermarket this morning. Fewer, as in no donuts at all, period. And more, as in three juicy Fuji apples. I also bought potatoes, grapes, prunes and lettuce (romaine, of cos). And cookies. But, you know, the good kind.

I also read the labels on everything I bought that had labels, except for the items I was replenishing, the important things like ice cream sandwiches. I already knew there were no harmful ingredients in those because I'd gone to the freezer while making out my list and studied the box. I didn't worry about the yogurt, either.

The buttermilk bread I've been buying does list partially hydrogenated oils on the label, but it's really the only kind of bread I've found that fulfills all the requirements. For one thing, it has to withstand the spreading of that non-spreadable low-fat peanut butter without disintegrating. I shouldn't have to toast it before I can apply a thin coat of peanutty varnish.

And of course it has to taste good. There are plenty of tasteless and gross-tasting varieties. Shelves and shelves of them. It's a delicate balance, and I'm not giving up my buttermilk bread until something better comes along. Of course, since I refuse to try anything else, I'll never know. I do like other kinds of bread, but you can't make a decent sandwich out of a soft baguette.

It's good to be fully stocked again. Last week was a nightmare, and I hardly got out of the house at all. Then my blinker went on the blink, and I couldn't make right turns without annoying someone, so I quit going anywhere. I ran out of everything — including milk, which I forgot to get today. That means another trip to the store tomorrow, maybe, but still no donuts!

16 May 03

Some of the trees that surround my house.

The finale of Buffy the Vampire Slayer was as satisfying as it could have been, with only one hour to either save or destroy the world, fulfill all the prophecies, and tie up all the loose ends. They've saved the world before, and characters have died (and come back) before, so this one had to have a few twists and a little closure. It had that and the crackling dialog that's made the series worth watching for seven years. If I were judging the show on how it ended, I might call it a disappointment. In seven seasons we've been lucky enough to have more ups than downs.

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On the other hand, what was with the season finale of 7th Heaven? No foreshadowing, no hints or warnings, just a shocking and inconclusive ending. How are we supposed to care about a mystery for the four months until the next season starts, when we don't even know what the mystery is? Or am I missing something? (Or am I the only one who watches this show?)

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