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Sunday, May 11, 2003

That perfect spring day we've been waiting for finally showed up. It made our Mother's Day all the better, because we could be outside while we gathered to celebrate. There were five of us at Suzanne and John's today, the two of them plus Eric, Mom and me. David was missing, but if everybody's there, who are you going to talk about?

It's a good thing we had it at their house, because they have a patio made for people. They moved into the house just after Eric was born, and even though he turned 27 last month, the place still feels knew. That's because they work at making it a pleasant, congenial environment where natural beauty is enhanced by the love and attention given to its care. They don't have to hire a gardener just to make their place look like a vacant lot. I'm the one who does that.

The five of us didn't do much today except sit and talk. (All but John, that is. He made the elegantly appointed shrimp salads.) We didn't solve any world problems (although we didn't contribute to them, either). We just caught up with each other's lives and made some plans for the next time we can do something like this. Plus, we drank a little (a lot) and ate a little (I'm so full, still).

11 May 03

A young deer was standing in the shadow of the old oak this morning..

We had a good day, and there really isn't much to say about it. After I got home this afternoon, I slept off the champagne, ready for a big night of television. Oh, the thrilling life I lead.

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I'd just like to say that everything I predicted about tonight's Survivor finale — and I mean everything — was totally wrong. And while I cared who would win while the game was going on, it no longer matters to me (except I wish it had gone differently). I'm just glad The Amazing Race returns May 29. (One of the twelve teams is Millie and Chuck, who have been dating for twelve years and are virgins. And then there are Jon and Al, who are best friends and clowns.)

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