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Sunday, March 9, 2008

How did I spend the extra hour of daylight provided to me by snatching it out of the middle of the night and plastering onto the late afternoon? Or more precisely, where did I spend it?

Hands down. “The recliner” is correct.

When I woke up from my third (or fourth?) nap of the day, the shadows were finally starting to get a little longer, even though it was after six o’clock. I had managed to watch the race and a couple of soccer games (go, Wigan!), if “watch” and “sleep through” are semicongruent concepts. Even when I was awake, I wasn’t very awake. I could tell by the way my eyelids kept drooping and my head kept bobbing.

Here’s the funny part.

Wait. There is no funny part.

Here’s the nonhumorous irony in the situation. Yesterday would have been a perfect day to get some yard work done. There hadn’t been any rain for more than a week, and I had made enough progress on my project that I didn’t need to spend the whole day working on it, as I’ve had to do on many recent Saturdays. But I didn’t even think about going outside until it was late in the day and getting too dark and cold. I thought at the time that tomorrow (meaning “today”) I would have a whole extra hour to do some yard work.

Yeah. As if.

25 February 2008

Buttermilk clouds.

So, to recap the weekend: Lots of sleep, almost all of it at inappropriate times. No yard work, despite the best weather we’ve had since October. But I did pick up seven more delegates in Wyoming. Or was that somebody else?

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