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Thursday, March 29, 2007

I wish I could think of some positive spin to put on the fact that Iím sneezing my head off from allergies all day every day lately. I know it means that itís spring, which in the theoretical part of my mind is a good thing. In the real world in which I live and try to breathe, itís not working out so great. Itís a little like the Bush apologists explaining that the increased violence in Iraq proves their strategy is working. Go sell that snake oil somewhere else, bub.

I guess if you think of serial sneezing as multiple nasal orgasms, you might be tempted to walk out into the spring breeze and inhale whatever is blowing by. But that rationalization can only go so far before your analogy implodes in a wad of used Kleenex.

29 March 2007

GH on my big screen: Lulu and her three boyfriends.

Despite the fact that I was slowed down by sneezing fits alll daay loong, I got all the work done today that I intended to do. Which is another way of saying I did what I did and nothing else, I suppose. But I have these minimum standards that I set for myself, and every once in awhile I actually live up to them. And on those days when I donít, I just set the bar a little lower. Iíd say thatís what helps me sleep at night, but nothing helps me sleep at night. Maybe itís what helps me sleep at my desk during the day, between sneeze attacks.

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