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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Is it a good day when I get a lot of work done, but none of it is what I planned to do, or what I wanted to do, or what I needed to do? Things just came up today and diverted my time and attention. It was all important stuff, I guess (or else the Boss wouldnít have faxed it to me). But I feel a little empty and weak and slightly soiled, knowing that my to-do list will be exactly the same tomorrow morning as it was this morning. And Iíll be one day closer to the end. (Of the week, is what I think Iím saying.)

Being swamped with someone elseís busywork all day didnít keep me from getting to the grocery store at last this morning. The weather cooperated, in the sense that it didnít rain. An icy arctic breeze was blowing through, though, and I bundled up when I left the house. They had salmon fillets on sale at the market, and I had a recipe I wanted to try so I bought some. Then I got home and realized I was out of Dijon mustard, so Iíll have to go back to the store later in the week.

10 March 2007

Watusi Cattle.

But I did get meatloaf mix, and Iím forever experimenting with meatloaf recipes. We all remember the dreaded apricot jam fiasco, Iím sure. This time Iím using chili sauce, and shredded Sun Chips in place of bread crumbs, so itíll be a sort of crunchy chili meatloaf. Meatloaf today, something with chicken tomorrow, and salmon Thursday, if it doesnít rain. Or maybe Iíll just use yellow mustard and see how that goes. Sincere apologies to my vegetarian friends, who will all outlive me and can gloat about that, and Iíll never have to know.

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