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Monday, March 5, 2007

Not having enough to worry about, Iíve been obsessing lately about Early Daylight Saving (no ďsĒ) Time, which starts this weekend, and ends the first weekend in November. Itís not the effect it has on me thatís worrying me this time, although now that I think about it next week is going to be miserable, isnít it?

This change, three weeks earlier and one week later than usual, is likely to throw electronic gadgets for a loop. Iím pretty sure the computer will be okay, because I believe a patch was downloaded several months ago to take care of the shift. My VCR, though, is not going to know whatís going on. I hardly use it any more, but it thinks itís supposed to set its clock an hour ahead the first weekend in April. It does it every year on the right date, and Iím sure it will do it this year. By that time it will have been recording the wrong programs for three weeks. It wonít know what time the Ten Oíclock News is on.

The thing to do, I suppose, is turn off the automatic Daylight Saving Time feature of the VCR and set it myself, by hand, the way we did in the old days when VCRs ran on steam and had analog clocks. As little as I use it lately, it might not even be worth the trouble, but you never know. Itís a nice backup system in case my TiVo hard drive fills up. And as much TV as I watch, thatís always a possibility.

Itís TiVo, in fact, that worries me, because I have a Series 1 unit that isnít as fully supported as some of the newer models. Iíve been haunting TiVo usersí message boards trying to get an answer. I started noticing a week ago that the program schedule, beginning next Sunday, is an hour off. I know TiVo knows when the programs will come on, but I donít know that it will know what time it is. It thinks The Amazing Race comes on at 7:00 pm, which I guess it does if you think midnight occurs at 11:00 pm.

Itís strangely 1984-ish, but then this whole technology is a little other worldly. Iím waiting for Big Brother (if not Big Brother) to tell me it has solved this problem. All Iíve been assured so far is that my Season Pass programs will record at the time they air. Anything Iíve set to record manually only knows what time Iíve set it for, and if itís an hour off Iíll be recording something else. Itís no way to run an airline (or a railroad, which is the industry that invented time zones in the first place).

5 March 2007

Lizard peeking out of a patio brick.

As for the clocks in my car, the microwave, the coffee maker and the radio by my bedside, Iíll be changing those myself, as I always have. I havenít worn a wristwatch since mine stopped running on Halloween day last year, so it will show the correct time twice a day, as it has for the last four and a half months.

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