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Monday, March 29, 2004

Welcome back, y'all. Dreamhost had a bit of a meltdown most of the day today, and there was no bunt sign for a while. My email is just now, late tonight, finally starting to catch up with me. I'm sure I'll get it all. They don't usually lose stuff, and they always apologize for what this time they've decided to call "Severe Network Degradation."

Anyway, that wasn't the worst of my problems today, and at least it wasn't as bad as that week a month or so ago when I couldn't get on line at all. The worst of my problems today (to get back to that topic) directly resulted from two very good things. One was the fabulous brunch I ate yesterday at the Fairmont (I ate too much and paid the price all morning), and the other was the weather.

The weather is wonderful, it's great, it's everything I've been asking for all winter. But I can't breathe! If I'm not sneezing, I'm sniffling. And if I'm not sneezing or sniffling, I'm trying to figure out why there's an adobe brick drying in my head. Fresh air — and there's plenty of that these days — just can't penetrate.

You know how it is when you can't breathe. It wears you out just trying. I got to bed early (for me) last night and slept like a Lincoln Log (invented by Frank Lloyd Wright's son; that was on Jeopardy tonight). I didn't want to get out of bed this morning, but I could say the same about every morning of the year (and there are a record-tying 366 mornings this year).

It wasn't even a hard day work-wise, because the Boss had other things on his mind than keeping me busy. The hardest part of the day for me was getting the time cards at 5:00 pm. I wanted to do the payroll today so I can go to the bank tomorrow so I can pay my rent on time. Since I had a call from my landlord over the weekend, letting me know that he's back from five months in Thailand, I really want to get him the rent check by the first.

So I had no self-inflicted reason to get so tired in the middle of the day that I couldn't hold my head up. And yet, that's what happened. I got to the point where I couldn't hold onto anything without dropping it. It was no fun, just one of those days when all the good things in my life caught up with me. I guess I've been enjoying myself a little too much. Well, that shouldn't be a problem after today, so I expect I'll feel better tomorrow.

27 March 2004

From under the old oak.

It took me until 9:00 pm to finish the payroll, and that's just about the time I remembered I hadn't eaten anything all day. I needed to make up for yesterday's indulgence, but this was a little ridiculous. So I fixed the rest of the green beans I bought last week and made myself the lamest grilled cheese sandwich in history (soggy on one side, charred on the other, as usual).

Being unable to access email all day means that it caught up with me tonight, just when I need to get to bed early. I'm sure I don't have it all yet, but what I do have I won't let go unread. I might let it go unanswered until tomorrow, though. (I'm putting a lot of pressure on tomorrow, I think.)

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While we were riding up toward the top of Nob Hill on the bus yesterday, we saw police officers milling around on nearly every corner. We learned later that they were preparing for the Cesar Chavez Day parade. It must have been a quiet parade, because we heard nothing and by the time we left the theater there was no sign that anything had ever happened.

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