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Monday, March 8, 2004

In the nick of time today I had my plans changed for me. I was almost on my way out the door to the toy store when D.J. phoned this morning. He wanted to give me a chance to wish him a happy birthday. He's five today, and quite proud of that fact. His party isn't until Saturday, so I'd planned to run out during my morning errands and pick up something spectacular for him.

That's when I found out that he, too, was going shopping. He and his mom were headed to the very same toy store, to spend the money he got from his grandparents. (He said he was going to buy a squirt gun, but Tammy told me that definitely wasn't going to happen.) What a faux pas it would have been, for me to have run into them with my basket full of goodies. I'll go tomorrow instead.

Later in the day he called me again. I'd sent him a little something in the mail, because I think every five-year-old should get something in the mail on his birthday. He thanked me, and he tried to tell me what he got at the toy store. I didn't quite get it, so Tammy told me it was a tool set. Not a toy one, either, but one for slightly older children. He'll be in heaven when he and David work in the shop together.

Since I have until Saturday, I'll try to get to the toy store tomorrow, and if that doesn't work I'll go Wednesday or Thursday. It's not as if they're going to run out of toys. I'd like to get him something that will make as big an impression as the elephant chair I gave Dakota on his birthday, but I'm resigned to the fact that that's going to be impossible.

Besides, D.J. isn't all that picky about what he gets, as long as you know that he's five now. That's the important part.

8 March 2004

Wispy clouds.

It's not that I need ideas. I have plenty of those, but it's been a long time since I've bought anything for a five-year-old. That won't stop me from having fun shopping, though.

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It's just as well I didn't take the extra time to go shopping this morning. This wasn't a particularly bad Monday, but it was one of those days when something could happen at any moment. The Boss had a bug up his bonnet (or some such thing) about how Tim charges his time, and he had me tracking down time cards from two or three months ago. I think he actually wanted to catch Tim in some kind of scam. He was looking for a fight, and I'm just glad he wasn't looking my way. So it's probably a good thing I was around most of the day.

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