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Sunday, March 16, 2003

Surprise! I expected to be shut in all day yesterday by the wind and rain that nearly kept me home Friday night. But surprise! I managed to work up a sweat in the garden while removing an unsightly dead shrub at the entrance to the yard. Now the first thing you see when you walk through the fence opening isn't a mass of dead branches, with weeds growing up through them as if taking full advantage of my neglect.

The scratches all over my arms will prove that I didn't feel it necessary to wear long sleeves while working. Next time I'll know better, but you have to suffer to learn these lessons, especially when you're your own teacher. And yes, I did put something on it. Those screams you heard were the Lanacane hitting the exposed nerves; the scratches were that deep. (No, not really.)

This is what too much Ground Force will do to a person. They take an area the size of my garden or even larger, and in two days they can make it into a showcase. Not just that, but a useful showcase, where there are places to walk and sit and watch the birds.

It's going to take me somewhat longer than two days, but then I don't have the resources they have. I don't have their money, or their team, or their tools and equipment. I don't have one percent of their knowledge, but I'm learning. The first lesson I've learned is that all change is good. I can't quite apply that to the rest of my life, but I have nothing to lose when I use the philosophy outside.

The hardest part was getting the roots out, because I had to work around other plants without damaging them. But the ground was soft from the previous night's rain and eventually, with much strain and a little earthy language, I got the job done. And believe me, that was enough of an accomplishment for one Saturday. I rewarded myself with a nice nap.

just clouds

I took this off the back porch through a heavy shower.
I was looking for a rainbow but found only clouds.

So that was half of a good, satisfying, guilt-free weekend. The rain showed up just in time today to keep me from making the same mistake with the other half. By the time the rain stopped and the wind came up, I already had no intention of venturing forth. There's plenty of work to be done inside the house anyway (if only I would get to it).

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The satellite brings me BBC America, and lots of programming from Mexico and South America. I can watch the news in Italian, German, Korean and several Chinese dialects. So why don't I have access to a Canadian channel?

NBC carried an hour of curling yesterday, highlights of the women's national championship game. It was great to watch, but it wasn't like watching a whole game develop. We get highlights of the national championships from Winnipeg next month, but it's not enough. I want my TSN. I want to watch Sportscentre, not just Sportscenter.

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