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Sunday, March 17, 2002

My new glasses are working out great. I spent a lot of time reading, more in one day than I've been able to do for a long time. I also worked, a lot. And I watched a little basketball, so I know there's at least one thing the new glasses don't help with. I absolutely cannot read the tiny transparent scores from other games that CBS sticks in the top left corner of the screen. Well, I can read them if I press my nose to the glass, but I don't care that much.

The glasses did well at the movie yesterday. I wasn't sure where to sit in the steep stadium-type theater. I picked the third row up off the floor, because the area of the lens that I use to see distances is the top 40% or so. My seat was a little too close to be considered distant, but I thought if I sat in the back rows I'd end up having to bow my head to see through the tops of the lenses.

I wanted to test these theories by going to see Monster's Ball today, but I woke up to a message on the answering machine from a supplier who wants to be paid yesterday. Since we just got paid ourselves, I didn't think anyone should expect us to pay them any sooner than, say, tomorrow. He threatened to come to my house looking for a check, but since he doesn't know where I live, I'm not worried.

I turned the whole matter over to the Boss, who promised to call the guy and straighten things out. He'll probably give him the old bloody turnip speech and then make a deal to borrow the money and pay half the invoice. I'd just like to know why somebody else can't borrow money once in awhile. Why does it always have to be us?

Anyway, that's why I found myself working more or less all day on a Sunday, and not going to any movies, and not digging in the garden. Okay, that's not the only reason. The other reason is that it's wintry cold outside, and blustery, and we had a couple of serious showers along the way. All that is a sign that those of us with walls and roofs should take advantage of them.

So, basketball. Cal lost and UCLA won, and those were the only two teams I cared about. I watched a little baseball, but it was teams that don't usually play each other, like Cleveland and Pittsburgh, in a place they don't usually play, like Winter Haven, Florida, and a lot of the players in the game are players who won't play at all for these teams once the regular season starts, wearing football numbers like 77 and 80 instead of baseball numbers like 9 and 24. Plus, the games don't count. So I didn't watch for long.


The lamb's-ear outside my bedroom window is coming back green and lush.

I keep forgetting that I don't have to take my glasses off to read fine print any more. I'll reach up and then slap my own hand away as I happily read Non Sequitur, which was by far the hardest comic to deal with. Before, that is.

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