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March 31, 2000

I live in the quirkiest place in the United States. No less an authority than Modern Maturity magazine places Sonoma County at the top of the list of quirky places, just ahead of Key West. I'm not sure we really deserve this distinction, especially when you can drive a few miles south and run into the asylum known as Marin County, where sanity is against the law and the nuthatch is a protected species. Marin is probably so quirky it's off the map, as far as Modern Maturity is concerned. So now we're known for something besides wine and redwoods. Cool.

Update: The convenience store that's about to open next door to the elementary school around the corner from me has dropped its application for a liquor license. Parents got themselves organized, a meeting was held, and the new store owners had a change of heart.

I've lived in the Bay Area all my life and have never been on a ferry boat. Until today.

Well, not yet. Later today. Assuming all goes well.

The Giants have built a new ballpark in San Francisco, right on the Bay, but they didn't leave us any room to park. Since we have to get there somehow, we're planning on taking the ferry. We're also trying to get there early enough to look the place over before the game starts.

I expect to get home quite late tonight, and I have to get up early and look at a house tomorrow morning. That's why this brief entry is posted early. I'll write about the game tomorrow.

Today's edition marks the three-month anniversary of bunt sign. I've managed to hammer something together and paste it onto a couple of dozen monitors every day since December 31. I don't know that I'll be able to keep up the pace forever, but I have no intention of quitting soon. I'm grateful to those who read this page, whether you've written to me or not. My goal is to keep making it better so that it's worth the time you spend here.

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