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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Another nice thing about the cooler weather is that I can put the big box fan back in the corner until the next raging heat wave hits. It takes up space, and I have to walk around it. Also, it gives me a shock of static electricity every time I touch it. (Many things do that, though. My car door, for example. How annoying do you suppose that is?)

On those hot days I can now do something I couldnít do as easily last year. Before Kindle I found it quite a nuisance that when I sat with the fan on me, it would blow the pages around while I was trying to read. Now I scoff, because the pages I read are virtual pages, not subject to being blown around by any breeze, natural or artificial. Also, while the heat tends to make me sleepy (what doesnít?), Iím less likely to fall asleep while reading on a hot day if I can read with the fan on me. Thanks again, Kindle.

I didnít sit around all day on this particular Saturday, though. I picked up Mom and we took a trip to the supermarket. Actually, it was a mega-supermarket, a bigger store than the one I spent a hundred dollars in yesterday (grumbling all the way about the items that were either missing or out of reach). I was strictly the transportation provider (and bag carrier) today. I donít even push the shopping cart, because Mom uses it as a replacement for her walker while weíre in the store.

29 May 2008

Retreating clouds.

After my traffic misadventures over the last week or so, I had my route home from Momís mapped out in my head. Yeah, well. Something took over, and I missed the street I was going to turn on and ended up driving right past the classic car show. I donít know how it happened. I think I was concentrating so much on the guy in front of me who was going five miles an hour below the speed limit that I just zoned out when it was time to turn. It turned out not to be as bad as I feared. The traffic at the car show was under control, and I had the pleasure of cutting off a 1957 Chevy, so it was worth it. Besides, I think I might have seen a Duesenberg.

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