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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Last night I worked a little later than usual to finish this weekís payroll. I did it so that I could do something today that Iíve been putting off for too long. The company check record requires a lot of straight-ahead data entry into a spreadsheet I designed years ago that, once itís done (if ever), will yield job-by-job cost reports. Itís intricate, itís time-consuming, and itís not much fun. Thatís basically why it hasnít been done for awhile.

Well, that was really stupid, and I should have known better. I could no more spend the whole day doing high-intensity data input than I could fly the Eldorado to the moon. I had to take frequent time-outs and significantly lower my expectations (which Iím really good at, having had plenty of practice). I got about halfway through May, and I think I can get halfway through the rest of May tomorrow, which will leave me little enough to do later on in the week. I have high hopes of reconciling the May bank statement some time before July. For a change.

Itís a lesson I keep relearning, and eventually it will soak in. I canít stay at one task, especially one that taxes sore muscles, nerves or other connective body parts, long enough to get it done without suffering the consequences. And thereís enough to do that I can do a little of this and a little of that throughout the day and end up getting all of it done. Eventually. Probably.

29 May 2008

Cloud and cloudlet.

For mostly the same reason, Iím varying my workouts through the week, and the results are that (a) itís easier to motivate myself to do something different from the day before, and (2) Iím getting a more balanced benefit. Now Iím using the treadmill Monday, Thursday and Saturday, and Iím doing fitness videos Tuesday and Friday. Iím either taking Wednesday and Sunday off completely, or using them as pick-up days for days I might have missed. For some reason my brain accepts things better when thereís a schedule.

I love lists, and I love schedules. I even have a day-by-day list of XM radio channels that I listen to. I know you didnít ask, but on Monday I listen to Seventies on Seven; Tuesday itís X Country, XM12; Wednesday and Thursday I listen to XM2 (Bob Dylanís ďTheme Time Radio HourĒ on Wednesday, Tom Pettyís ďBuried TreasureĒ show on Thursday); Friday I listen to Sixties on Six; Saturday itís The Village XM15 (folk music); and Sunday, if I listen at all, itís XM50 The Loft.

So there you go. Variety, based on a strict schedule. Somehow I draw comfort from that. It feels as if Iím doing something right, even if itís only right for me.

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