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Saturday, June 11, 2005

Aiden didnít quite know what to make of his birthday cake today. (He wasnít sure why everyone was singing to him, either, but thatís another story.) He stuck his hands in the frosting and then immediately tried to shake the stuff off. He didnít even try sticking them in his mouth, which is unusual for him. Ordinarily everything goes into the mouth.

He did eventually figure out that youíre supposed to wipe the sticky stuff in your hair. After he did that, he dumped the cake onto his highchair tray and started sucking on the paper plate. Then he was happy.

Not that he wasnít happy all day, especially for a one-year-old with a sore throat and all kinds of other ailments. He was at the doctorís office yesterday, getting tested and poked at, and the good news is that heís as healthy as a baby can possibly be. The bad news is that he still didnít feel good, but he was game for a party today. Good thing, too, because just about everybody he knows was there.

He doesnít quite have the concept of presents yet, but he does know when thereís new stuff to play with. And he knows when something is his. That probably comes from having two older brothers. He wasnít belligerent or obnoxious about it, but he did let it be known that he would prefer no one else ride on his new rescue truck.

He got books, which he loves, and lots of clothes (which he couldnít care less about, but which his parents appreciate). Mostly, he got a lot of love. He gets that every day, of course, but the party was kind of an outlet for all the overflow. The regular schedule will resume tomorrow.

11 June 2005

Aiden enjoys his cake.

It was also Davidís birthday (his 24th), but at his request that aspect of the day was downplayed. We couldnít ignore it completely, of course, but he opened the few cards he got while Aiden wasnít in the room. The party today reminded me of some of the best times weíve ever had. Davidís birthday is at the beginning of summer, and every year when he was a kid, his parents would give him a big multigenerational blowout party, including many of the same people who were at Aidenís bash today. He might not remember how much he enjoyed being the center of attention then. Itís all different now, of course. Itís all about the baby.

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The Giants trailed the Indians the whole game today, start to finish, but they wouldnít quit. Against all odds (and recent history), and after being behind, 7-3, going to the bottom of the ninth, they took it down to the last strike and died with the winning run in scoring position. The 7-6 loss can be considered a moral victory only if they go out tomorrow with some of the momentum they brought to the late stages of tonightís game. A win tonight would have meant the kind of comeback that turns a season around. They need one of those, and soon.

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